Feel amazing, look amazing and be yourself!


Jewellery is not just a trinket, it is a memory of a time that has past.  Your grandmother’s locket, your 21st bangle from your mum and dad and of course your engagement ring and wedding ring.  Each one of these ‘objects’ have memories of a time that has passed and of a person which is dear to you. 


I remember when my husband Ross proposed to me.  We were on holiday in Cornwall and I think getting an engagement ring for me was just too much for him as he knew I would want to design my own.  So instead he got me this amazing keeper ring (the stone was HUGE 😊, wishful thinking perhaps) however I still treasure that ring with all my heart as it is the ring he went down on one knee – the memories attached are just amazing.  That is what I enjoy – memories are memories you don’t need a piece of Jewellery which costs the earth, you just need something which ticks your box, or tickles your fancy.  I LOVE that ring!!!!  That is why I create jewellery which I term is affordable luxury.


Affordable Luxury???  This is the term I use to describe my jewellery.  Looking fabulous, feeling beautiful and happy should not cost the earth.  This is something which should be in reach of every person and should not hurt your bank balance – jewellery is renowned for being a luxury item.  I make these luxury items but at an affordable price.


In my life I strive to constantly treat others as I would like to be treated – my up bring by my fabulous parents. This is a value which I also carry into my business, as I have said memories are held in items such as jewellery, therefore, I want every experience to be exceptional and for the transition to be seamless.  My values are respect, love, happiness and beauty (which is always in eye of the beholder)


I value every aspect of my business as a mum of adorable twin girls (toddlers and into EVERYTHING), my business allows me to spend valuable time with them, and at the same time save on the dreaded childcare.  Every time I receive a sale it is providing me with an income to support my family – can’t leave it all to the hubby!!!


Each piece of jewellery I make is made to order, I do not hold stock.  Therefore every piece will be slightly different as it is handmade.  Should you wish something different, but a bit like what you see then please contact myself. 


Every piece of jewellery is sent out in my beautiful Silver Fox branded Jewellery boxes – if your selection is for a present then please choose gift wrap and I will wrap your present with a beautiful paper – a Christmas day worthy present.

Who is Silver Fox – it is me Gayle Boyle, mum to the most amazing and beautiful twin girls Hope and Faith and wife to my amazing and understanding husband Ross (he has a lot to deal with)!!!


I, me, Gayle am Silver Fox.  I design, make, market all my jewellery.  I will answer all your emails and deal with all your enquiries.  I can create any special requests, please just email or message me directly.


I love living a happy and fulfilled life, my family, my jewellery – my inspiration.  I live on one of the most beautiful coasts lines in the world, I have travelled the world and my home is still the most memorable place of beauty – Scotland I truly love you!



Thank you for taking the time to look at my shop and reading about me, I truly appreciate it. 


Happy Days